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Technical Support – Knowledge you can trust

At UltraSolutions, we work exclusively on ultrasound equipment, and our knowledge extends to all models of equipment from all manufacturers. Our goal is to share this knowledge with our costumers in the most helpful, efficient way possible. We provide the following technical services:

  • Expert consultations on choosing the right equipment. Our sales team knows the pros and cons of every system, and can help guide you to the right unit for your clinical need.
  • Detailed guidance on system presets and applications. We can help optimize your system based on case types and operational protocol. Training can occur remotely or at the customer’s site.
  • Advanced trouble shooting when an error occurs. If your system goes down, our engineers can help troubleshoot and diagnose the problem, even if your system is out of the warranty period.
  • Turnkey networking support (including DICOM / PACS setup). We provide turnkey networking setup with every system we sell—at no additional cost to you!

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