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A renal ultrasound scan is performed to determine problems with bladder or kidney functions. Renal ultrasound tests can highlight many potentially hazardous health issues, including abnormalities a patient may have been born with as well as recent injuries to the kidneys. Kidney stones are easily viewed when using a rental ultrasound machine, providing doctors with the exact size so they may determine the best course of treatment. In addition, complications from urinary tract infections,  as well as cysts, tumors or other growths can be dedicated by renal ultrasound equipment. Doppler technology is often combined with the renal ultrasound test for an accurate assessment of blood flow within the kidneys. Renal ultrasound technology is also extremely useful in monitoring the success of a kidney transplant and to see how the body reacts to the new organ. It’s often done in conjunction with x-rays or computed tomography.

When planning to purchase a renal ultrasound machine, you want to be sure to find the absolute best price without sacrificing any of the quality. At, we consistently provide you with both the lowest prices and the highest quality of any retailer in the country. We have a wide inventory of brand new renal ultrasound equipment. If you are in the market for a used renal ultrasound machine, look no further than UltraSolutions. All of our refurbished equipment is of the highest industry standards and performs just as well as brand new renal ultrasound technology. Click here ... for a complete list of the brands we work with and a list of the renal ultrasound machines we currently have in stock.

Renal ultrasound scans are very common, especially in the older population. As you begin your search for a reliable renal ultrasound machine, our experienced sales managers are happy to help. Just give us a call today at 909.628.1778 and we can answer any questions you have concerning renal ultrasound equipment. Your search for a renal ultrasound device can end today!

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