Refurbishing Process

Used Ultrasound Refurbishing Process – Bring equipment back to OEM specifications

Many companies claim to refurbish their ultrasound equipment. And sure, most companies can clean and paint an ultrasound system. But to us, that is not refurbishing. Every system we sell goes through an extensive 10 step process:

  • An OEM-trained ultrasound engineer begins the process by checking the functionality of the ultrasound system. This includes a physical inspection of all parts of the ultrasound (lights, trackball, monitor / LCD screen, keyboard, shock absorption, wheels, brakes, connector assembly, etc)
  • The system is booted up and patient data is erased (if applicable).
  • The system diagnostics are run. The engineer will notate any failures and begin process of troubleshooting.
  • System repair is performed, including modifying the configuration to match customer specification, adding / replacing hardware, reloading software, restoring options, performing power/video conversion, preloading DICOM, and installing peripherals as instructed.
  • Once the system is fully operable with no errors, the engineer will access image quality and test basic system modes (b-mode, color, m-mode, CW/PW Doppler, 3D/4D, ECG, DICOM, etc).
  • After full repair of the system is complete, the cosmetic refurbishment begins. All panels are removed, repaired (or replaced if needed), cleaned, and painted with exact OEM color match in our state-of-the-art paint booth.
  • The system is completely dismantled and cleaned inside and out, including removal of all dust / debris from the internal cage.
  • The system is reassembled and sent to the quality assurance department for final review.
  • A trained sonographer performs the quality check, including testing the system with all of the designated peripherals and probes, re-testing every system mode and each application, checking each key and button for operability, and performing a final cosmetic check for every part of the system. The system is “burned in” for a minimum of 24 hours with multiple reboot cycles.
  • Images from the QA session are stored in our imaging archive and a backup disk for the system presets and options are saved. PACS/DICOM setup is also performed (if not already completed) so that the system can be “plug and play” ready at the customer site.

Our mission is to provide products indistinguishable from the OEM, at a value only an independent dealer can provide. The process outlined above assures every system that leaves our building will be indistinguishable from the day it was first sold. Our refurbishing process is the most extensive in the industry, and we expect perfection for every system we sell.

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