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UltraSolutions. com has a wide variety of musculoskeletal ultrasound machines in stock.

In today’s competitive world, more and more athletes are committed to staying healthy by getting bone and muscle scans when they are injured. If your office is in need of a new or refurbished musculoskeletal ultrasound machine, look no further than UltraSolutions. We know how frustrating it can be for an athlete to be injured and out of the game. We vow to do our part to heal injuries faster with our top-of-the-line ultrasound machines. We work with the top brands in the business, including Sonosite, GE, Philips, and many more. MORE...

Not only athletes require the use of musculoskeletal ultrasound equipment when they are injured. Older patients beginning to experience arthritis can benefit greatly from this technology. Our units are able to scan the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments in minutes to discover potentially damaging tears or injuries. Doctors can then provide their patients with the quickest healing plan to get them on the road to recovery. As anyone who is regularly active knows, waiting to be diagnosed and then begin the healing process is the hardest part of an injury. When you purchase one of our reliable machines, you’ll help them cut down on that difficult waiting period.

At UltraSolutions, we know sometimes a patient’s injury can be too debilitating for them to comfortably be transported to a physician’s office. For these patients, we offer both new and used portable musculoskeletal ultrasound equipment. These small but still equally effective devices can be a lifesaver for a patient confined to their home as their injury heals. The patient can then be on a fast path to answers and healing without the chance of added injury.

For a complete list of the musculoskeletal ultrasound systems we have in stock, give us a call today. One of our knowledgeable sales advisors can guide you through the sometimes confusing process of choosing the right machine to suit your needs, at the best prices you’ll find anywhere. We’re here to help!


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